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About Us

Our Experience

As a certified human behavioral specialist, I help Homeschool Families increase the harmony in their homeschool through insightful tools and personal coaching.  I homeschooled my own children and coached them to both academic and athletic scholarships as well as Eagle Scout.  My personal coaching techniques have resulted in homeschool students being accepted to colleges of their choice.  I have coupled my professional experience as a Meeting Planner prior to homeschooling with insightful human behavioral tools to create techniques that bring insight and support to the homeschool family.

Our Approach

Our services include a comprehensive consultation, personal one on one consulting and ongoing mentoring. Although we are not an umbrella school we can generate a high school transcripts for college entry upon request. 

Becoming aware of the entire families learning and behavioral styles helps make a major difference in your homeschool experience. We provide a comprehensive report that includes observations and strategies for a more harmonious homeschool. Among these products are mentorships that can last up to a year if you feel you need it. We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you gain personal insight into your childs learning and behavioral styles. Our entire goal is to aid your personal discovery and help you get to the harmonious homeschool you desire. These insight tools are transformational!

Why Us?

Homeschool mentors who can give you personal coaching are key. We want to give each family the time and guidance they deserve.  Whether you’re seeking just an insightful tool or special one or one coaching, call us at 407-730-2157 today. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for a harmonious homeschool where you have the opportunity to touch the lives that mean the most to you. I didn’t get there alone and now there is no need for you to either.  We can't wait to provide homeschool help through insightful and practical tools  for you. Harmonious Homeschool  would love to be a support to you and your family for an entire year, if you feel you need it.


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